Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Eisner's The Crazies - new poster!

How awesome does that look?

I am REALLY looking forward to this movie. Firstly, the original was made by George Romero who pretty much single-handedly invented the zombie movie genre. Think the original Day of the Dead, Dawn of the Dead, Land of the Dead. As you can imagine, he is quite fond of making loads of people die really badly. I do approve of this behaviour (cinematically, of course...*cough*) so I hope that Breck Eisner is up for the task at hand. Eisner made Sahara, and that was...okay. He does have some horror experience under his belt, like the pilot episode of Fear Itself which I really enjoyed.

That said, The Crazies sounds pretty cool and Tim Olyphant is in it, who is probably my favourite actor. Yeah yeah, Daniel Day-Lewis is the greatest actor in the world but he is also the one actor in the world that loves making movies that nobody really wants to watch. Deal with it.

Anyway, back to The Crazies. The premise is quite simple. Some convenient plot twist poisons a small town's water supply and it makes them all go batshit crazy. When I say batshit crazy, I mean murderdeathkill homicidal maniac crazy...and that's just peachy.

Luckily Timmyboy is the sheriff in town, but also moonlights as the pimp from Girl Next Door and a Hitman so he should definitely be hardcore enough to make it out alive and protect some village hottie from dying. Luckily, the village hottie turns out to be Danielle Panabaker and she survived Jason in Friday the 13th so she seems qualified.

Check out the two other official movie posters below. Yeah, its awesome. Nothing screams desperation likes blood on a road sign.

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