Tuesday, June 5, 2012

A Nolan Bond? Hell yes!

I find it quite it surprising that the internet is not more abuzz with the latest news from Christopher "Take All My Money Now" Nolan, but Batman news is most likely smothering any other delicious bit of news and speculation about the writer / director's future. This article has me really excited, though.

According to Empire magazine, Nolan has always been a Bond fan and would like to take a shot at a 007 film somewhere in the future. Now, this is obviously something that might never pan out but I can only imagine what someone like " Please Write All Future Scripts Of All Movies Ever" Nolan could do with another well-established franchise.

Inception meets Casino Royale? Take all my money now! (See?)


  1. Who would you choose as the next Bond? It might be unconventional, but I think Idris Elba could be an epic Bond!

    1. Idris is great, he definitely has the acting chops to play Bond. I think Michael Fassbender would also be able to bring back a touch of class to Bond, although I do love Craig's gritty take on Bond.

      I can't wait to see what Mendes does with it in Skyfall.